ID: CA-50
Region: Atlantic
Case/Incident Name: Deception Bay
Time: 1970-6

Spill Location: Canada , QC , Deception Bay, Hudson Strait
Spill latitude N: 57.33097
Spill longitude E: -74.583205

Incident Character
Incident Description: Tank farm spill
Incident Type: Land Source (L)
Oil Type: Diesel fuel, gasoline
Volume Spilled (m3): 1612.0
Oiled Shoreline (km):
Volume on shoreline (m3):
Country of the owner:

Shoreline Substrates:
Shore Treatment Methods:
Natural Attenuation Monitored:
Treatment Information: At the time, a flat expanse of sea ice covered all of the bay and closely spaced blocks of ice existed over most of the intertidal zone. Almost all of the oil was contained by the ice so that we were able eventually to dispose of the spill completely. This was accomplished mainly by burning the oil, either after it had been pumped on to the sea ice or where it was contained by the nearshore ice.
Waste Data:


Ramseier, R.O., Gantcheff, G.S. and Colby, L., 1973. Oil spill at Deception Bay, Hudson Strait. Environment Canada, Inland Waters Directorate, Water Resources Branch, Scientific Series No. 29, Ottawa ON, 60 pp.