ID: CA-10
Region: Atlantic
Case/Incident Name: T/V Arrow
Time: 1970-2-4

Spill Location: Canada , NS , Chedabucto Bay
Spill latitude N: 45.411648
Spill longitude E: -61.235692

Incident Character
Incident Description: Tanker sunk
Incident Type: Marine Accident (M)
Oil Type: Bunker C Oil
Volume Spilled (m3): 12357.0
Oiled Shoreline (km): 8987.0
Volume on shoreline (m3): 8987.0
Owner: Bethlehem Steel Company
Country of the owner: US

Shoreline Substrates: 2, 7, 8, 9
Shore Treatment Methods: 2001, 9, 11
Natural Attenuation Monitored:
Treatment Information: Small aircraft attempted to disperse the oil dropping a chemical dispersant known as COREXIT on the spill, but this failed. The oil spread and washed ashore on many beaches in the bay. The clean-up took months to complete. Manual and mechanical shoreline cleanup
Waste Data:

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