ID: CA-08
Region: Pacific
Case/Incident Name: Pipeline Burnaby /Westridge
Time: 2007-7-24

Spill Location: Canada , BC , Barnett Highway, Burrard Inlet, Vancouver
Spill latitude N: 49.316989
Spill longitude E: -123.143127

Incident Character
Incident Description: Backhoe ruptured the Trans Mountain pipeline
Incident Type: Pipeline (P)
Oil Type: Albian heavy synthetic crude
Volume Spilled (m3): 234.0
Oiled Shoreline (km): 134.0
Volume on shoreline (m3): 134.0
Owner: Kinder Morgan Canada
Country of the owner: Canada

Shoreline Substrates:
Shore Treatment Methods: 9,11,13
Natural Attenuation Monitored:
Treatment Information: Booming—to contain oil around the release points and also exclusion booming to protect sensitive shorelines Skimmers and absorbent pads to remove oil Manual removal of tar balls, oily debris and oiled Fucus (a type of seaweed commonly found along rocky shorelines in the area)
Waste Data:

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