Group members attended PEOPLE 2022

On August 23-26, 2022, group members attended PEOPLE 2022 at Charlottetown, Canada. Rengyu Yue, Shuyan Wan, Zheng Wang, Huifang Bi, Xuelin Tian, Zhikun Chen, and Mengfan Cai made the presentations entitled “A Dual Responsive Nanoclay/Sodium Alginate Surface Washing Fluid for Oiled Sand Cleanup”, “A Review on the Emerging Marine Pollution from Container Ship Accidents”, “Microplastic Release from Weathered Disposable Gloves in the Shoreline Environment”, “Investigation into the Oiled Sand Treatment using A Responsive Washing Fluid with Modified Nanoclay”, “Potential of emission reduction and air quality improvement from urban transportation: a case of COVID-19 pandemic in Canada”, “Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Emission from Beef Production in Saskatchewan, Canada”, and “Spectroscopic Characterization of Weathered Biodegradable Mulches and their Dissolved Organic Matter Released into Soil-Water Environments”, respectively. They also discussed the research and collaboration with other conference participants.