ID: CA-44
Region: Atlantic
Case/Incident Name: M/V Rio Orinoco
Time: 1990-10-16

Spill Location: Canada , QC , Anticosti Island
Spill latitude N: 49.176666
Spill longitude E: -63.022692

Incident Character
Incident Description: Grounded on
Incident Type: Marine Accident (M)
Oil Type: Fuel oil
Volume Spilled (m3): 200.0
Oiled Shoreline (km):
Volume on shoreline (m3):
Country of the owner:

Shoreline Substrates:
Shore Treatment Methods:
Natural Attenuation Monitored:
Treatment Information: On-shore clean-up operations on Anticosti island were carried out during the period up to 10 November 1990 by contractors on behalf of the shipowner. The operations were terminated for the winter on that date, due to deteriorating weather conditions.
Waste Data: During the clean-up operations carried out in the autumn of 1990, about 300 tonnes of oily waste were recovered. Various possibilities of treating the waste were investigated. It proved impossible to obtain permission from the local authorities for disposal within the Province of Quebec. After the disposal operations had been put out to tender, the Waste was exported to disposal facilities in the United States in October 1991. Oily waste recovered during the clean-up in July 1991 was transported by helicopter to Port Menier.

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